Zodiac Signs Who Are Least Affectionate 


Some people prefer a firm handshake, while others prefer to be hugged. You know your partner isn't into a hug if you've ever tried to give them one and they resisted.

Read on to learn which zodiac signs are the least affectionate, from lukewarm to downright anti-touch.

Gemini isn't anti-affection, but they typically don't express it through physical contact.


Affection, according to Hayes, for a Gemini is the same as "horsing around and having fun through jokes, games, and even idle chat."

When they care about you, Scorpios stare you down and ask, "What's wrong?" They don't form relationships based on shared joy but shared agony.


Loftis elaborates by saying Scorpios can be "quite calculating and tough," which can make them come seem as insensitive.

As a general rule, Aquarians are cold and distant, and they don't like public displays of affection.


They need extra effort to grasp emotional responses because they frequently miss people's signs of distress or discomfort.

The sign places a greater emphasis on "having adventures" than it does on maintaining strong friendships.


Because "they have a hard time committing," this attitude can easily be transferred over to their love relationships.

The Capricorn ethos centers on hard effort and the accumulation of wealth. Because of their undivided attention on the years to come.


They're the friend who always comes through for you when you're in trouble, but they never show any signs of affection.

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