Zodiac Signs Who Are Least Helpful 


It's likely that they'll gripe the whole time. Although they could simply be enjoying a day of laziness, astrology may have a hand in it.

Read on to learn which zodiac sign astrologers consider to be the least helpful, ranging from the occasionally uncooperative to the entirely ineffectual.

Those who were born under the sign of the archer enjoy a sense of mobility and freedom more than anything else.


They function best when left alone and often lack the social graces necessary to feel empathy for others.

Scorpios are notoriously difficult to work with because of the darker and more passionate sides of their personalities.


They tend to be self-centered and avoid taking on responsibilities that won't directly benefit them.

One of the most free-spirited zodiac signs is Aries. Because of this, they can't fathom the necessity for assistance with tasks that they themselves can complete. 


They are not likely to offer assistance simply because you have asked for it; they rarely seek it out themselves.

They can be difficult to work with because they are so focused on their own accomplishment, as noted by Marquardt.


They are really impatient, so if you need their help, make sure to get right to the point.

While Pisces are experts at understanding your feelings, they flounder when it comes to finding practical solutions.


It's difficult for these water signs to take initiative and aid others because they often feel their voices go unheard.

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