Zodiac Signs Who Are Least Likely to Fall in Love


Astrology can shed light on why a person is hesitating to take the next step in a relationship.

Learn which signs of the zodiac, from the almost open-hearted to the actual doubters, are the most likely to fall in love here.

Taurus, ruled by Venus, is regarded as one of the most sensuous and passionate zodiac signs.


However, as the fixed earth sign, a Taurus is unlikely to make the initial romantic move.

Sagittarius partners, once committed, love with abandon. They are well-known for their boldness and passion.


The secret to retaining a Sagittarius's love? Keep your passport current, are open to adventure, and try new things.

Scorpios are known to be one of the most sexual and self-assured signs when it comes to romantic relationships. 


Attractive, enthusiastic, and devoted best describe them.Scorpios, being the fixed water sign, always know how to make their dates feel special.

Geminis love to talk to new people. They usually have several social circles, jobs, hobbies, and sometimes even partners at once.


Their "thrill" comes from the many potential lovers they encounter. There are other difficulties to consider.

Virgos are notoriously critical of their relationships because of their high standards and fastidious nature.


When it comes to love, Virgos tend to pull back since they dwell on the negative rather than the positive.

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