Zodiac Signs Who Are Least Reliable Of All


Astrology can shed light on why certain people in your life may be more changeable than others, which might be helpful if you've ever wondered why.

Find out which signs of the zodiac range from being a little bit flighty to being fully irresponsible.

Overextending yourself is a common problem for Virgos since they have difficulty setting limits.


They'll have trouble meeting deadlines at work, and they'll make too many plans and then forget about them.

Leo is incredibly changeable and has a hard time paying attention to anything but themselves. This fire sign is the most reliable guest at any gathering or night on the town.


The truth is that you can't make a Leo do anything they don't want to; you'll only get their support if they can benefit in some way.

Sagittarians have a reputation for being careless, self-centered, and easily distracted. This risk-taking sign is the first to flee when faced with a crisis.


Sagittarius is notoriously forgetful, so keeping track of even their own daily tasks can be a challenge. 

The trait that makes Pisces so famous as daydreamers also makes them prone to forgetfulness.


It's likely they'll forget about whatever you need from them unless you send multiple reminders.

The Twins are the least trustworthy of all the zodiac signs. Despite their reputation for good times, you can't count on them for much.


They are easily bored and will leave if they have other plans. Some other indicators are far more reliable.

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