Zodiac Signs Who Are Least Tactful 


It's hard to know what to say in any given situation, and it seems like some individuals make no effort to avoid hurting others' feelings.

Find out which zodiac signs are the least tactful, from mildly insensitive to completely thoughtless, according to astrologers.

Scorpios, like their namesake, are noted for their fiery personalities and painful sting. 


Because they are so intent on "drawing even the hardest truths to the surface like a magnet," they can be shockingly harsh if you aren't prepared for them. 

After you've gotten over the initial sting, you and the Scorpio in your life can grow even closer.

They are so convinced of their own correctness that they don't care whether others think they're stupid.


"Aries is more interested in leaving his mark on the world than in dealing with the consequences," Matassa says.

While this presents challenges for those hoping to carry on a conversation, it can be useful when there's no time for a back-and-forth.

Assertive Sagittarians are known for their candor, yet their willingness to say whatever is on their minds without filter can sometimes backfire.


This fire sign's vibe, according to Matassa, is "a confessional confetti-toss that strives for candidness, no matter the cost."

Although this overconfidence can come across as cruel at times, it often encourages those who are more reserved to open up when they are around these people.

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