Zodiac Signs Who Are Moodiest Of All


It takes very little to alter the mood of some people. They'll be smiling one minute and then screaming at you the next, and they have no idea why.

Find out which signals are the most indicative of your mood, from somewhat changeable to downright unsettling, by reading on.

The fixed water sign is easily "stuck on one particular emotion for a long period of time, and they'll milk it for all its worth," as Marquardt puts it.


They are the type who harbor resentment and give the cold shoulder to those who cross them, no questions asked. 

Scorpios usually seem to be hiding something, and when they do, the other signs pick up on it immediately.

Like sponges, Pisces soak up the positive vibes from those around them. This makes them susceptible to sharing the feelings of those around them.


This water sign, according to Marquardt, is "more passive aggressive with its moods." Even if they don't believe their actions are very noticeable.

Pisces is adept at playing the victim, which often leads to destructive actions and unnecessary anguish on their part.

Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, which, as Marquardt points out, "flies through the zodiac the quickest," natives of this sign are perpetually overcome with emotion.


This interpretation translates to "every couple of days, Cancer is in a completely different mood."

Their emotions are contagious, and Marquardt warns that being in their company for too long can affect your own disposition.

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