Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Alluring 


The stars may hold the key to understanding why some people always appear to attract a steady stream of interested friends and partners.

Read on to discover the six most alluring zodiac signs, from a little bit tempting to completely enchanting.

Taureans are well-known for taking charge in their partnerships, which contributes to their reputation as reliable partners.


As they are "ruled by the planet of beauty," Taureans are charming because they are physically attractive and have personalities to match.

This sign is also highly sensual, so Simone says "they know exactly how to coax admirers with their captivating ways.

Libras are sensitive to the feelings of those around them because of their desire for peace and harmony.


You can count on these endearing people not only in times of crisis, but also when it's time to talk about the big stuff.

Until you get to know a Libra well, you might not see that they are creative and sensual people.

The Scorpion exudes an air of mystery and has a sensuous energy that piques the interest of those around them.


Simone says that people born under the Scorpio zodiac are "sexy personified and masters of the art of seduction." 

"Their magnetic energy and mystifying allure drives people wild," Simone explains. Just look at DiCaprio for proof.

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