Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Annoying 


Each of us is capable of annoyance on occasion. But there are always those who manage to get on everyone's nerves. 

Find out how they answered, ranked from mildly annoying to completely exasperating.

They never stop celebrating, and unless you do the same, the constant barrage of excitement may wear you down.


The Twins are the symbols of Gemini. They are like two people in one and can hold a room's attention for a full day.

But when it's time to get down to business, Gemini has trouble changing gears. Even their closest loved ones may be bothered by this.

The Aquarius sign has the most brains and creativity of any zodiac sign, but its eccentricities can get on people's nerves.


While Aquarians have a generous and giving nature, they also enjoy doing things their own way, even if it annoys those around them.

People who disagree with this sign's actions or beliefs need not bother with sneers or raised eyebrows.

Their emotionality and sensitivity can be a burden on people closest to them, however, so they should be aware of this. 


Furthermore, their dispositions are always shifting. You may feel like you're on a roller coaster when you're with a Cancer.

Thankfully, a balanced Cancer is the complete antithesis of this, and can be a loyal, protective, and compassionate friend or partner.

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