Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Anxious 


There are numerous physical manifestations of stress. When anxiety sets in, you may withdraw, experience a panic attack, or act aggressively.

Keep reading to learn which zodiac sign is most likely to be nervous, from mildly wary to chronically fretful.

Libra's only goal in life is to make everyone smile. It seems like a very admirable trait at first glance. However, there are risks involved.


They run the risk of putting themselves last, which can lead to increased stress if their demands aren't addressed.

Even though a Pisces appears calm and collected on the surface, they actually have a lot of tension going on in their heads.


This indicator is highly perceptive, which suggests they are processing a great deal of emotional data simultaneously.

Bristol asserts that Cancer is "the emotional sponge of the zodiac," in contrast to Pisces' "healer" role. When she says, "They truly feel what you feel," she means it.


A Cancer feels wildly out of control and stressed since they can't control the moon or the emotions of others.

Indeed, it is known as "the workhorse" of the zodiac. This sign's checklist mentality is a major contributor to their own internalized anxiousness.


The stress of having to perform at a high level all the time eventually causes them to reach their personal best.

They are masters of reason and consciousness, therefore it stands to reason that they would be preoccupied with their own thoughts.


Their rapid thought process makes it easy for them to feel overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks staring them in the face. 

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