Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Argumentative 


It's human to have differences of opinion and even arguments from time to time, but some people can never retain their cool.

Keep reading to learn more about the zodiac signs that are the most likely to start arguments and which ones are the most likely to maintain them.

Virgos have a tendency to obsess over the minutest of details. Having a debate with a Virgo can be very time-consuming. 


They rarely become angry or raise their voices, yet they can drag out an argument for a long time with their meticulous reasoning. 

A Gemini is not likely to come to a conversation ready to discuss anything of importance.


According to Loftis, Geminis are constantly debating with themselves, and this conflict can easily spill over into their interactions with others.

They have a low tolerance for defeat and are quick to bring up new points of discussion to keep the other person on their toes.


"When arguing with an Aries, it's like walking on broken glass because they're ruled by Mars, the planet of war," explains Marquardt. 

They can latch onto certain opinions and points of view with a white knuckle grip," as explained by astrologer Lynn Marquardt.


Aquarius, the oldest of the air signs, has plenty of arguing experience and a keen tongue full of wit and intelligence.

Even though Sagittarius is the sign of enlightenment, the sign's fiery spirit can easily get out of hand during heated debates.


They are unwavering in their conviction that their lived experience gives them a unique perspective on the world.

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