Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Bitter 


When they're angry, these powerful people often say hurtful things and seem to harbor resentment indefinitely.

Here you'll learn about the Zodiac signs that range from somewhat sour to downright unpleasant.

This sign will not budge, and they will become irritated and upset if you try to change their views.


"No matter what happens," Thomas says of Taureans, "they never forget what caused their emotions, especially negative ones."

They will engage in passive hostile behavior and target the people who, in their opinion, have treated them unfairly.

Because Capricorns are noticeably more robotic than those of other signs, it gives the impression that they are hopeless.


Capricorns have a reputation for being "serious, business-like, and controlling," traits that might leave them unhappy if they don't get their way.

Instead, they are more concerned with achieving their goals than with coping with the bothersome feelings that they experience.

You'll be drawn in by their magnetic sign, but once you get up close, you'll see how cruel they really are.


This malicious sign will continue to behave antagonistically with you till the end of time.

According to Thomas, Scorpios "are able to hold a grudge for a lifetime and never let go of resentment," making them the most vindictive sign.

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