Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Cynical Of All


Every friendship has a cynic. They're caustic, always see the "glass half empty," and think most people are out for themselves. 

From the somewhat dubious to the righteous realists, find out which zodiac signs are the most cynical by reading on.

The financial sector is where a Taurus is most likely to be cynical, and this skepticism is motivated by worry rather than malice.


Make sure the Taurus in your life always feels secure and appreciated, and don't forget to meet their Venmo demands promptly.

Virgo is known for being sensible and realistic, so it's not surprising that this sign may also be cynical at times.


They are willing to admit when they're incorrect.The astute Virgo will pose a question that isn't meant to trip you up, but will still make you raise an eyebrow.

As a sign co-ruled by Pluto (the planet of the unconscious) and Mars (the planet of action), Scorpio is both passionate and inquisitive in its pursuit of truth.


Nothing is ever taken at face value by them. They are hypervigilant for signs of deceit and dishonesty in romantic partners.

Saturn, the planet of Capricorn, is responsible for the sign's pessimism because it governs such serious themes as duty, toil, and retribution.


The sign is suspicious of others and thinks they have to handle everything oneself if they want it done well.

The zodiac sign Aquarius represents humanitarians and thinkers. The downside is that these characteristics can cause people to become cynical.


Honigman writes, "Aquarius is an air sign, therefore it's intelligent, idealistic, and has a great confidence in people.

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