Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Eccentric 


Some people are not ashamed to show the world how odd they are by doing things like eating exclusively green foods or always wearing a feather boa. 

Find out which signs expert astrologers consider to be the most eccentric, from the mildly unusual to the downright bizarre, below.

The free-spirited Sagittarius has no fixed routine and is prone to erratic mood swings and actions. 


Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, urges Sagittarius to be too dramatic while expressing their feelings.

According to Berry, they can be "smug and arrogant at times." These erratic responses are likely to cause consternation among your social circle.

Scorpios are fascinating and sexy people who don't care what other people think of them because of the passionate behaviors they take.


Although their unconventionality has earned them the label of "wild and raw," the mystery surrounding this sign's thoughts makes them fascinating.

Berry claims they may "heal quickly from injuries and emotional trauma and can tolerate a great deal of pain."

The Aquarius's mind is always far away in fantasyland. These revolutionary types can go on and on about their social causes.


Aquarians walk a fine line between ingenuity and insanity due to their eccentric personalities.

This air sign is super bright and loves to spend hours at home researching their favorite topics, which she says is because they "process information faster than most."

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