Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Gossipy 


Some people have the ability to talk endlessly, which may be a gift...unless it's directed at you. 

Find out which sign ranks highest on the gossip scale, from mild chatter to excessive blabbing.

A mature Virgo will usually keep quiet in the face of gossip. Even with their closest friends and relatives, they keep everything to themselves until they know they can trust them.


Virgos won't provide personal information unless they're sure, but if they're hurt and can't face someone, they will.

The Libran zodiac sign values interpersonal connections and finds other people fascinating conversation fodder.


The Air sign cares deeply about fairness and is quick to point out when someone has been unfairly treated.

Sagittarius takes pleasure in being the center of attention and the person whom others look up to the most.


This can be a problem because the fire sign has a tendency to become rigid in their thinking, seeing the world in stark black and white.

If you have a true friend who is a Scorpio and who knows everything there is to know about you, you will receive the best advice possible from this sign.


As a result of their natural curiosity, they can serve as both "researchers and stokers" in any given situation.

You won't be surprised by our #1 pick: Gemini, please. They love gossip as a flexible air sign. 


They are uninvolved and compassionate without being cold or distant, and they won't put salt in your wound.

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