Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Jealous Of All


We're all susceptible, but some people are naturally more envious than others. Perhaps this is why? The precise moment in time of your birth. 

Continue reading to see which zodiac signs range from little envious to completely envious.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so when they're feeling envious they can say some really cutting things.


If they lack confidence, it's typically because they know someone who, no matter how hard they try, is better than them at something.

A Taurus enjoys the better things in life, such as scented candles, gourmet meals, and front-row theater seats.


They can become intransigent and gloomy, to the point where they make you feel guilty about your opulent way of life.

Leo has a healthy dose of competitive spirit, but if they think you're better than them, they may become aggressive in their pursuit of glory.


Because of this, people tend to think of Leo as being overly dramatic, which is a result of jealousy.

Because Cancer is a cardinal water sign, it has a tendency to express its emotions in a more powerful manner.


"It's not because they don't like that person, it's just that they're hurt you've found someone else to help you heal," Marquardt explains.

There is no other sign that is thought to be more prone to envy than the Scorpio, and for good cause. 


Once they learn to control their jealousy, according to Marquardt, they become one of the most generous signs.

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