Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Judgmental 


There may be an astrological explanation for why some of your pals seem more critical than others. 

Find out which zodiac signs are the most critical of others, from those who are quick to criticize to those who constantly assess the motives of others around them.

If you're sensitive to criticism, you should steer clear of Scorpios because they'll almost likely want to give you some. 


The volatile emotions of a water sign and the anger of Mars, the traditional ruler of the sign, make for a volatile mix.

Those born under this sign tend to speak and act hastily, without giving much thought to the consequences.

You may have always had the impression that Virgos are secretly evaluating your every move if you've spent much time with them.


These picky individuals have high standards for themselves and others and will not hold back in letting you know if you fall short.

According to Honigman, this makes them "ideally suited to many challenging careers where precision and accuracy are valued."

According to Honigman, there's a good reason why Libra ranks first: "The symbol of Libra, the scales, is echoed at every place where judgments are made."


Justice holds a scale and is blindfolded. Libras love justice and "can easily tell guilty from innocent, useful from pointless."

Therefore, Libras' ability to pass judgment is an asset in helping them make sense of the universe.

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