Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Manipulative 


Intimate, platonic, and professional connections can all suffer when one person plays with another's feelings or takes advantage of them.

From the mildly slippery to the master schemer, find out which zodiac signs are the most manipulating here.

Unsurprisingly, Leos thrive on praise. However, their manipulative nature emerges if they are unable to gain the approval of those they desire.


This sign uses "guilt-tripping," and it's highly unlikely that the people it's manipulating will see through it until after the fact.

Pisces are so skilled at manipulating others because they operate under the assumption that no one would ever suspect them of being manipulative.


Hayes claims that Pisces has the ability to charm others by exaggerating their achievements.

Libra is strong at striking a balance between opposites, and they can utilize this skill to their advantage to achieve their goals.


Even if they put on a good front, their manipulation isn't hard to spot. The ones who know them best will understand.

If they see an opportunity to avoid danger, Gemini will be the first to shift the blame to someone else.


They can come up with a wide array of plans to achieve their goals due to their expansive imaginations and expansive wants.

They like to keep to themselves, lurking in shadows, and "they have a keen eye for spotting opportunities to take advantage of others' vulnerabilities."


The person bearing this sign will likely attempt to gaslight you without any remorse and they may really succeed.

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