Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Passive-Aggressive 


You can tell they're irritated by their tone or behavior, but they aren't exactly forthcoming with the details.

Find out which zodiac signs are the most passive-aggressive and where they fall on the spectrum from mild indifference to full avoidance.

Aquarius is a highly intelligent and perceptive sign that can hold their own in a debate, if necessary.


It's highly unlikely that an Aquarius will confront a problem because they don't value doing so or you.

This sign of water is highly emotional and easily hurt when their feelings of closeness aren't returned.


Until you come along and ask what's up, they won't complain but will instead resort to passive aggressive statements.

Taurus is an earth sign that seeks stability and comfort and may be rather stubborn at times.


Newman states that even though they can hold their own in an argument, they expect everyone to be able to see their own mistakes.

The emotional experience comes more naturally to a Pisces than the verbal expression of it.


The sensitive and compassionate Cancer isn't made for frank discussions or arguments, yet they can't help but wear their emotions on their sleeve.

They are the most passive-aggressive sign in the zodiac because they value equilibrium and harmony above all else in their relationships.


However, "they will make you apologize," Newman says, if they do get into a dispute with you.

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