Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Pretentious Of All


A snobbish person might make frequent references to their Ivy League education or frequent exclusively high-end retailers. 

Find out which signs of the zodiac range from mildly pompous to incredibly extravagant.

When interacting with other people, people born under this sign may occasionally give the impression of being slightly affected.


"Libra is ruled by Venus, so you may sometimes see Libra exaggerating their sense of glamour," explains Marquardt.

One way to give off the impression of wealth is to dress and talk as if one were much wealthier than one actually is. 

Leos are known for their inflated sense of self-importance. Yet, in contrast to Libras, they don't flaunt their possessions.


According to Marquardt, "Leo succeeds by standing out from the crowd," and the sign doesn't even have to try very hard.

But if they use their creativity too aggressively, their egotism will overpower their talent.

Success in all areas of life and work is of the utmost importance to Capricorns. When they reach their goals, they like to flaunt it by buying flashy new things.


It's safe to say that Capricorns are the most haughty of the zodiac signs because they go to such great lengths to achieve social prestige through material means.

It's possible that Caps are entitled because they work harder than other signs and feel they have a right to show off their material success.

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