Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Spiteful 


Keep your distance from someone who has malevolent qualities, as they are likely to take revenge on anyone who crosses them.

Continue reading to learn about the zodiac signs that are the most bitter, ranging from being a little bit sardonic to being really malicious.

They're known for their immaturity and temper outbursts, but they won't go down without a fight.


If you've insulted a Leo, Alta says, "turn the angry lion into a fluffy kitten simply by flattering them with sweet talk."

If you shower the enraged Leo in your life with compliments, he or she will quickly change their tune.

To a Libra, resolving a personal score is more important than everything else in the world.


When they feel wronged, Libras don't yell or fight back, so it's no surprise that many of them go into the diplomatic or legal fields.

You can count on them to turn passive-aggressive, making plenty of snide remarks behind your back.

Scorpios have a soft underbelly and often speak or act before thinking things through. 


They can surprise you with a stinging response or malicious slight that will leave you paralyzed with shock and wondering where it came from.

Berry says Scorpios are admirable because they can "face any challenge that is thrown at them with strength and perseverance."

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