Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Unforgiving 


Some people have a far easier time forgiving and forgetting past transgressions than others do. Obviously, it is determined by the circumstances. 

Find out which zodiac signs are the least tolerant of slights and which ones are always ticked off.

Aries has a tendency to nurse grudges, not only for themselves but also for the people they care about. 


If you damage someone an Aries cares about, it will take a long time (if ever) before they forgive you, according to Kovach.

This ambitious, loyal, and hardworking sign has zero tolerance for rudeness or childish conduct.


It's possible that Capricorn has moved on without you if you don't learn from your mistake, as Kovach puts it.

The Taurean personality is stereotypically steady, unruffled, and obstinate. Don't be fooled by this sign's apparent lenience, though.


When a Taurus feels offended, you swiftly drop from their inner circle to the outer one, if not out of it entirely.

The moon has a strong influence over Cancer, making them highly sensitive and emotional.


"Even if they somewhat forgive, they never forget an insult, slight, or argument," writes author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.

It may not be surprising that Scorpios, who are known for being secretive, stern, and faithful, are also the least forgiving sign of the zodiac.


Don't underestimate the Scorpio's might because of their reserved demeanor, warns Barretta.

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