Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Vicious 


They will gossip about you behind your back and become irrationally angry at the tiniest of annoyances.

Continue reading to learn which sign of the zodiac is the most vicious, ranging from a little bit brutal to really sadistic.

Even though Pisces aren't usually the first people who come to mind when you think of viciousness, they do have a shadowy side.


These fish lack the ability to create limits because they genuinely want to take care of everyone.

The sign of Taurus has the reputation for being the most traditional. If things aren't to their liking, according to Schmidt, they can become aggressive or disagreeable.


If they feel their connections or safety are being threatened, they will not hesitate to confront the offender.

Gemini is an air sign, therefore they do best when they're able to freely explore their interests in a group setting.


They have a tendency to be naughty and can be interested in creating drama for their own amusement.

The energy of an Aries is extremely high-strung. They are naturally cruel since they are governed by Mars, the planet of aggression and conflict.


Being sensitive is not something that comes naturally to them, so their use of language is sometimes cutting and unyielding.

Scorpios are known to be petty individuals who would nurse their resentments till the day they pass away.


They're not the type to move on and forget the past, and Bennet suggests they're continually plotting their next act of vengeance.

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