Zodiac Signs Who Are Very Prudish 


Although our upbringing and life experiences play a significant role in determining where on this spectrum we fall, astrological signs also play a role. 

Here, expert astrologers tell us the most prudish zodiac signs. Find out where they stand on a scale from mildly uncomfortable to extremely moralistic by reading on!

Signs ruled by Venus are more interested in grand romantic gestures than in physical intimacy.


In other words, "Librans are about love, not about raw passion, and prefer to let their heart do the talking," as put out by Honigman. 

They are well-dressed and put-together, so they won't like it if their enthusiastic lover rips off their buttons or puts them on the forest floor as a display of romantic enthusiasm.

Those who were born under the sign of Cancer are known to be sentimental, sensitive, and passionate. They like being hugged, kissed, and cuddled.


Cancerians can be demonstrative of their feelings in public (often to the point of being clinging), but in the bedroom they tend to be more reserved.

This is further proof that you need to buy them expensive meals and have heartfelt conversations to win them over.

The maiden or virgin is the traditional representation of the Virgo zodiac sign because of its association with virtues such as modesty and self-control. 


Virgo is traditionally symbolized by the maiden or virgin because of the sign's affinity with characteristics like modesty and self-control. 

They care about their health and would rather delay sexual activity until they are sure they have found the right partner, according to Kovach.

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