Zodiac Signs Who Are Very Shy In Nature


Perhaps you've puzzled over your coworker's lack of participation in meetings or your partner's awkwardness when meeting new people.

Continue reading to learn about the zodiac signs that are the most reserved, from those who are just a little bit bashful to those who are shrinking violets.

This water sign has difficulty allowing themselves to be vulnerable, and as a result, they may come across as cold. 


A common misconception about Scorpios is that they are cold and distant due of their guarded personalities. 

In order to avoid being hurt, Scorpios will wait until they have developed trusting relationships with their friends before opening up about their sentiments.

Whether it's getting ahead at work or checking out a new movie, independent Virgos enjoy doing things on their own.


They are so dedicated to their aims that they can't spare the time or energy to create superficial friendships.

Virgos' lack of interest in socializing gives them the impression that they are shy and difficult to get along with.

This water symbol, like its crab cousin, prefers to remain inconspicuous beneath its armor.


Cancers enjoy the company of those they are close to, but they have little tolerance for idle chatter with strangers.

This protective symbol "reserves their efforts and energies only for people they recognize and value," according to one interpretation.

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