Zodiac Signs Who Are Very Stubborn 


Some people are exceptionally stubborn; they never give in during an argument and rarely make any concessions.

Find out which zodiac signs are the most obstinate, from the quietly determined to the unrepentant bulls.

Aquarians have a tendency to be rigid in their beliefs and become emotionally invested in political and social concerns. 


However, on rare occasions they may shift their position slightly if fresh information causes them to rethink.

Before forming an opinion, they spend hours poring over materials in the library or on the internet; once they do, they're not shy about sharing it with the world.

Even though Scorpios will carefully consider your point of view, there is nothing you can say that would alter their decision.


Since they are "thorough investigators" and have evidence for everything, they are exceedingly difficult to dispute.

If they love and respect you, however, there's a chance they might rethink some of their more strict views. This is especially true in romantic relationships.

The fact that Taurus is the sign that is the least likely to give in should not come as a surprise.


When challenged, Taureans, or bulls, react defensively and aggressively, much like the animal they are named after. 

This bull-headed sign does not consider itself to be rigid; rather, they believe that the way they conduct their lives is the only option available to them.

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