Zodiac Signs Who Will Always Outsmart You


Certain individuals are constantly one step ahead of everyone else. They are so crafty that it will likely be difficult for you to stay one step ahead of them.

Keep reading to learn the telltale signals used by cunning con artists and other masters of misdirection.

A spiritual counselor by the name of Debbie Jian cautions that Virgos should "expect the worst so that they can be ready for anything."


A Virgo will scrutinize anything you give them, from a birthday card to a contract, to ensure they are not being mislead.

Everything you say or do sticks in their memory, and they will not hesitate to use it against you in the future if it serves their interests.

Libras are well-suited to the legal profession because of their persuasive abilities.You could be fooled by their charisma, but their clever strategies will win the day.


This sneaky, crafty sign often finds themselves in the spotlight in the courts, and they aren't above going to any lengths to make sure they're the center of attention.

Be wary of a Libra's superior intelligence if you have a friendship or a romantic relationship with one; they are likely to outsmart everyone else in the room.

Scorpios have a reputation for being powerful and strategic thinkers, qualities that combine to make them highly shrewd. 


According to Evans, "Scorpions have no problem seizing control of something that belongs to another person and taking it over; they may even improve it."

To paraphrase Jian, Scorpios are "very clever business people" who "make you feel special and feel like you depend on them."

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